Kayla Leggings in Navy Blue Tie-Dye (buttery soft like texture)
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Kayla Sports Bra in Navy Blue Tie-Dye (buttery soft texture)
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Purple Yam Athletica LLC

an Athleisure Eco-Friendly Brand

Purple Yam Athletica

Activewear helps motivate to stay ACTIVE every day. Plus-size Limited Collection Available!

Shop Purple Yam and Save Planet Earth

A percentage of the profit will be donated to non-profit organization that helps protect our planet. #ShoppurpleyamSavePlanetEarth

Let's Love our own Body.

Purple Yam Athletica empowers women of all sizes, shapes, colors and gender identities. A brand for ALL.
Tie-dye in navy blue Sports bra and leggings


Sporty, Stylish, Trendy, Ease and Comfort.
Jana Leggings in Sky Blue (buttery soft like texture)
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For Confident and Inspiring Women
Amber Sports Bra in Timeless Taupe (silk-like texture)
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Made from 100% Recycled Nylon and other content

Hello, Beautiful!

Purple Yam Athletica has donated 10% of our profit to the World Wildlife Fund for the past few months, and I am thankful to you all. So far, we have virtually adopted Four Polar Bears and a Koala to help protect wildlife from the effects of climate change.

Due to Climate change, sea ice is forming later and later each year. Polar bears have less time to hunt for food, leaving them starving for long periods. Koala bears were also tragically affected by the bush fires in Australia. Unfortunately It killed 5,000 koalas. We virtually adopted one and hopefully more in the future.

The company has donated to WWF, although Purple Yam Athletica LLC is not affiliated with the organization. This is a personal choice to contribute to a non-profit organization that helps save wildlife and nature and shares the brand's same values. Please check our stories on Sustainability and learn more about our advocacy.

Purple Yam Athletica also sent our donations to Red Cross Philippines to assist Filipino families from Typhoon Ulysses in November.

We are sending you all our love and deepest gratitude.

May you have a prosperous New Year and lots of blessings your way. Stay safe.

Mae Rama-Azzouqa

Midnight Black Capri Pants (silk-like texture)
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Amman High Waist Leggings in Wine Red. (silk-like texture)
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